Our goal:
remove notifications from your codebase

How does it work?

Step 1
Dashboard (2 minutes)

From our dashboard, configure and customize your notifications without any code.

Step 2
API (1 minute)

Request sending the notification with our library.

that's it!

wait, wut, how?

We store notification UIs, handle the notification logic, communicate with the integrations, and so on. There is nothing for you to do except to trigger the notification.

see an in-depth log of your notifications

Pinpoint a specific notification by various filters and see every event the notification went through, from initialization to user interactions or blockers in the event of non-delivery.

analyze your notifications at high-level

Understand what notifications you are sending, where they go, and what happens to them.

user preferences out-of-the-box

Beautiful and no-code notification settings for your users, unsubscribe pages, and many more features out-of-the-box.

Webpage showing them unsubscribing from a notification was successful. Built with NotificationAPI.

Server and client SDKs for multiple languages and frameworks

Got questions?
Book a meeting with one of our engineers - no sales fluff.