Startup Champion Program

We partner with accelerators and incubators to offer more services to the technical side of their client companies.

we help early-stage CTOs in a few ways:

Guest Speaking

Upon request on the following topics:
MVP, product dev processes, building product teams, and engineering culture

CTO Mentorship / Office Hours

One-on-ones to discuss technical challenges with building a great product and engineering team.


Free access to our product and services.


Current Partners

Below are some of our current startup champion partners that are helping their companies

Common questions

1. What does NotificationAPI do?
Modern applications rely on notifications to generate user engagement and retention. We help software teams add notifications to their software in minutes vs. weeks of engineering work. We also promote notification best practices that prevent startups from annoying their users with notifications.
2. What freebies do you offer?
Depending on the organization, we offer up to $2000 in free credits or one-year free access to our paid plans.
3. What happens after the credits or the free year? Do the costs skyrocket?
No. We offer a generous free tier and paid plans that start at $200/month.

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