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All-in-one user notification system for B2B SaaS products. Design, send, and monitor your product notifications from right here.

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    notificationId: 'delivery_status',
    user: {
      id: 'xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx',
      email: ''
    mergeTags: {
      address: '124 Conch Street',
      item: 'Krabby Patty Burger',
      status: 'On the way',
      driverRating: 4.9

Clean APIs

with Libraries for most languages

Our libraries allow your developers to implement new notifications in minutes. These few lines of code will replace all your notification infrastructure, 3rd-parties and logic.

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No 3rd-Parties Required

Batteries included

Powered by our partnerships, we configure and manage all necessary integrations (Twilio, SES, ...) under the hood, without you paying or noticing.

You eliminate the risk and effort of integration, configuration, monitoring, applying for elevated access, and more.

No surprise bills, no misconfigurations.

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Powerful Notification Editors

All notifications can be designed in our visual editors from the dashboard. We also offer UI widgets that are fully white-labeled and customizable.

Email designer

Customizable UI widgets

White-labeled (free)

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Manage, Monitor, and Measure

From making design changes to discovering why a notification is not delivered, you can do it from our dashboard.

We do the heavy lifting

notifications suck, And we know how to deal with them.


NotificationAPI is used at public and private companies in small and large teams. We have a great track record of no incidents:


We offer a level of support that you have never experienced. You can directly talk to our engineers on chat, call, Slack, emails, ...


We are not a VC-backed startup, pivoting and experimenting. We are a sustainable business and only answer to our users.

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See what our users say

NotifcationAPI allowed me to have a production-ready notification system in our product within a couple of days.

Jacob Critch
Founder | CEO
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Notifications definitely was something I was concerned about before. Not really anymore.

Jacob Brown
Full-Stack Development Team Lead
Milk Moovement
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We wanted to add notifications to our product, but did not have the in house bandwidth to do so. I was honestly shocked at how quickly we got things set up and into our prod environment - it was just seamless and so fast.

David Butler
Chief Product Officer
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These emails reacting to us not being able to send call notifications is some above the par customer care.

Tomas Sima
SAP Consultant
NTT Data Business Solutions
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