cheaper than doing it on your own

per month
10,000 Emails
10,000 In-Apps
100 SMS Texts
10 Calls
7 day retention
Training and Onboarding
It's free
per month
20,000 Emails
20,000 In-App
2,000 SMS Texts
200 Call
30 day retention
Training and Onboarding
Save 15% annually
Custom limits
Custom retention
Custom SLA
Channel Development
Implementation of existing notifications
Patrick Costello
Full Stack Software Developer
NotificationAPI allowed our team to replace much of our bulky notification infrastructure with an intuitive API that takes a couple of lines of code.
Amaefula Chukwuebuka
Technical Co-Founder
One of the easiest APIs I have integrated in years.

Frequently asked questions

What does your technical support look like?
You can directly connect with our engineers through our Slack community, the website chat widget, email, or even phone. Our average response time is below 1 hour.
What happens if I reach my account limit?
For free accounts, notifications will not be delivered anymore. For paid accounts, notifications will continue going out and overages fees will be applied to their next bill.
Are prices listed in US dollars?
Yes, all prices shown are in US dollars.
What is your refund policy?
You can cancel for any reason at any time. You also get a refund based on how much of your quota is remaining. E.g. no usage results in full refund.

Got questions?
Book a meeting with one of our engineers - no sales fluff.