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Introducing: Web Push Notifications

June 11, 2023

NotificationAPI adds Browser Web Push support to its list of channels. Simply update to the latest version of the front-end SDK and start designing in our dashboard.

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Welcoming Devin Marsh - Software Engineer - at NotificationAPI

May 30, 2023

NotificationAPI is thrilled to announce the addition of Devin Marsh, back-end software engineer, to its team to help improve our product-to-user notification service

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Announcing: Duplicate Notification Prevention (Deduplication)

May 18, 2023

With NotificationAPI's Deduplication, you can rest assured that human error or retrying failed worker jobs will not generate repeat notifications for your end-users.

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Hidden Scalability Bottlenecks In User Notifications

May 8, 2023

This article covers the not-so-obvious bottlenecks that cause scalability issues in the Notification Service of your software, along with easy-to-implement remedies.

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Announcing: Canada Only Region

April 12, 2023

NotificationAPI is now implemented in a Canada-only region where no log or user data will leave Canada, helping you comply with Canada's data residency laws.

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