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How TeeBox assists golfers in finding their next course using NotificationAPI

April 23, 2024

We spoke with TeeBox founder, Kelly Gold to learn about TeeBox’s need for notifications and the impact of NotificationAPI as a solution.

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Courier Alternatives - Top 3 Competitors (With Comparisons)

April 18, 2024

In this article, we discuss three respectable alternatives to Courier as your 3rd party notification service to weigh against, along with a comparison table.

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Announcing: API Documentation

April 11, 2024

NotificationAPI now has REST API documentation and Administrative API features in addition to SDKs, letting you manage your NotificationAPI account via our API.

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NotificationAPI vs. SendGrid - Implementing your Notification System

April 9, 2024

NotificationAPI delivers an intuitive all-in-one notification system, Whereas SendGrid specializes in a fully email-oriented service.

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Announcing Server-Side C# .NET SDK

March 25, 2024

NotificationAPI now officially supports a C# .NET library. This library is available on NuGet and thoroughly documented on our server SDK documentation website.

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