DBYOI - Don't Bring Your Own Integrations

No need to have your own SendGrid, Twilio, etc. We automatically set up, configure and pay for most* of the necessary third-parties. You sit back and relax.

* To enable push notifications, you need your own APN/FCM accounts (free)

How does it work without my 3rd-parties?

We create, configure and manage all the infrastructure you need for email, text, call and in-app notifications. For example, we use Twilio for SMS and Calls under the hood. Through our Twilio partnership, we automatically create and manage all the Twilio resources your account needs. You save time and eliminate risk by letting NotificationAPI do all the work of: integration, proper configuration of 3rd-parties, monitoring the 3rd-parties, communicating with partner organizations, applying for elevated access, and more.

The only 3rd-parties you need are APN/FCM (free) for enabling push notifications.

    notificationId: 'delivery_status',
    user: {
      id: 'xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx',
      email: 'dave@company.com'
    mergeTags: {
      address: '100 Signal Hill Rd.',
      item: 'Happy Meal',
      status: 'On the way'

Less Work for

With less 3rd-Parties to configure and manage, there is less setup, integration, observability and maintenance work for your developers to perform with each vendor.

More Autonomy for

Your product managers, designers and customer-facing teams don't have to depend on dev teams or learn SendGrid/AWS dashboards to get their job done. Everything they need for their notification-related tasks are centralized in our easy-to-use dashboard.

Less Bills and Risk for
Your Business

With NotificationAPI, you reduce the 3rd-Parties you manage to one, thus minimizing the risk of misconfigurations, downtimes, missed deprecations, etc. Our strong SLA and customer service will ensure your notifications will never hold your product back.