Announcing: Batching and Digest

With the Batching & Digest feature, you can batch similar notifications together or build digest notifications without additional custom code or infrastructure.

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January 17, 2024

The NotificationAPI team is happy to announce the addition of the Batching and Digest feature to its offering. This feature allows you to combine multiple notifications sent to a user into the same outgoing message, preventing user notification fatigue. You can use it to batch similar notifications into a single message or to create daily/weekly digest notifications.

As products grow in complexity and usage, end-users start receiving too many notifications. The digest feature solves this problem by letting your product continue issuing notification requests but storing and combining them into one message (email, in-app, or other) at the time of sending. You or your end-users can configure the sending schedule (hourly, daily, weekly).

Using digest requires no technical knowledge or coding logic:

  1. From our dashboard, you pick the notifications that could be combined together and their allowed schedules, e.g. hourly, weekly;
  2. Design how the combined notification should look like in our notification editors;

NotificationAPI then combines those incoming notifications and sends them using your designs at the right time. Optionally, you can let your end-users pick their preferred digest schedule through our prebuilt user preferences widget, giving your users more control on how they receive their notifications.

This feature is currently in beta for select customers and will be publicly available soon.

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