Announcing: Duplicate Notification Prevention (Deduplication)

With NotificationAPI's Deduplication, you can rest assured that human error or retrying failed worker jobs will not generate repeat notifications for your end-users.

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May 18, 2023

NotificationAPI is announcing the addition of intelligent duplicate notification detection and prevention, aka Deduplication. With Deduplication enabled, our systems will automatically detect when repeated notifications are being sent to the same user and prevent their delivery.

As your software architecture grows in complexity, it is common to implement retry mechanisms for the critical parts of your code to recoup from unexpected failures. If these parts of your code also send notifications, retrying them will result in users receiving multiple notifications. NotificationAPI's Deduplication allows your team to retry your code without users receiving duplicate notifications.

Using Deduplication does not require any coding or technical skills. You can go to our dashboard to enable Deduplication for a specific notification, and specify how long messages with identical content are considered duplicates.

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