Announcing: Environment Controls

NotificationAPI's environments feature allows developers to create and test notifications in a muted environment, where no message leaves the notification service.

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March 8, 2024

We are excited to announce a new addition for your production and staging environments, letting you control the environment's message publishing.

This feature addresses two common scenarios when implementing notifications:

  • Migration: When teams are moving existing notification systems to NotificationAPI and want to perform QA in production without sending messages from production.
  • Spam Reduction: Existing accounts that are happy with the state of their notifications and would rather not have their staging environments produce any messages.

With this addition, you can turn off notification delivery of an environment from our dashboard. When you turn off delivery for an environment, notifications are processed as usual but without being sent or delivered. These notifications go through the logical checks, produce the proper logs, and generate accurate previews in logs; perfect for the QA team to review.

You can check out this feature in our dashboard under the new Environments section.

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