Announcing: In-App Replies

The latest update from NotificationAPI allows developers to enable replies directly within their in-app notification system through the front-end SDK.

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July 10, 2024

We’re happy to share further updates to our front-end SDK, featuring replies to in-app notifications.

Many notifications, such as comments, require users to post their replies. This update provides developers with the tools to implement a comments system within their notifications without building their own solution.

Replying to in-app notifications within your app can improve user-to-user communication, such as collaborative and support applications. Users can add and update comments on notifications using our prebuilt SDKs. We also feature APIs to insert/get/update/delete comments on a notification. 

This feature is currently in closed beta and active development. If you are interested in more about in-app replies or becoming an early adopter, feel free to reach out.

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