Announcing: Mobile Push Notifications

Save engineering time by using NotificationAPI to implement your push notifications, while giving your non-technical team access to design, manage and monitor them.

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June 14, 2023

NotificationAPI today announced support for Mobile Push Notifications. This enables software teams to easily add notification capabilities to their mobile apps, while centrally managing and monitoring their notifications across every channel from NotificationAPI.

Implementing push notifications into mobile apps has always been a painful and overly complicated process, taking away precious engineering time. NotificationAPI saves time by managing your device tokens and user preferences for you, giving your team access to visually design notifications without code, as well as centralizing the management and monitoring of these notifications.

NotificationAPI sends push notifications through the FCM and APN networks, thus supporting both Android and iOS devices along with all their latest notification capabilities.

Sending push notifications through NotificationAPI is as simple as:

  1. Integrating your FCM/APN accounts from our dashboard
  2. Configuring our libraries on your mobile application
  3. Designing and triggering the notifications similar to all other channels

To get started, start with our Mobile Push Notification Guide.

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