Announcing: No-Code Unsubscribe Links

Unsubscribe Links allows you to append an unsubscribe link to any of your notifications and improve your notifications user experience without writing any code.

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June 24, 2022

NotificationAPI today announced the addition of Unsubscribe Links functionality. You can now generate and append an Unsubscribe Link to any notification design, e.g. to the email footer, which allows users to unsubscribe from that specific type of notification and channel with one click and no additional code.

Startups face this dilemma as soon as they start sending notifications: On one hand, creating an unsubscribe end-point and the logic behind it does not deliver any additional value to your company. On the other hand, not giving users the ability to unsubscribe will result in damaged user experience and annoyed users marking your notifications as spam, harming your domain reputation and delivery rates.

NotificationAPI eliminates this dilemma with Unsubscribe Link:

  1. The unsubscribe link is automatically generated, managed and hosted by us. You only need to append the appropriate tag in your notification designs where you want the link to be.
  2. The unsubscribe link is unique to a specific channel of a specific notification of a specific user. By clicking it, the user is only unsubscribe from that and nothing more.
  3. The unsubscribe link leads to a page with your branding that allows the user to revert their unsubscribe decision.

Using NotificationAPI Unsubscribe Links does not require any technical knowledge, thus can be completed and managed by your design team directly.

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