Announcing: Notification Scheduling

Notification scheduling is built into NotificationAPI and replaces the cron, databases or other systems you have in place to send notifications at future dates.

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March 8, 2024

We are happy to announce the addition of notification scheduling to NotificationAPI's service. This feature allows you to send alerts and reminders to users at a specific time in the future with an simple API.

Scheduling future events in web-based applications has always been a painful task. It used to require cron servers, a job queue storage, monitoring and more. With more modern tools like AWS and GCP, it has become easier but still requires learning, setup and being careful about the quotas. We built notification scheduling so you don't have to.

Scheduling a notification works just like sending a regular notification through NotificationAPI, with the addition of a "schedule" field that specifies when you want the notification sent (ISO datetime format). Our system takes care of the rest. Our dashboard will keep track of scheduled notifications in the logs section, marking them as scheduled and showing the time they are scheduled to be sent. You can also update or delete a scheduled notification by using the trackingId.

The scheduling feature is now available to all customers and is documented here.

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