Announcing Logs: In-Depth and Searchable History of All Notifications

With Logs, you can search and review all your outgoing notifications in order to address customer tickets or debug software issues.

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June 9, 2022

NotificationAPI today announced the addition of NotificationAPI Logs to its platform. This feature allows users to view and search all outgoing notifications and inspect their lifecycle end-to-end. This enables customer support teams to troubleshoot notification related issues quickly without involving engineers and deliver a great experience to their end-users.

Support tickets about notifications, mostly due to misconfiguration or human error, are a common theme in the Customer Service department of technology companies. New startups should expect dealing with such tickets when they start sending product-to-user notifications.

NotificationAPI simplifies the troubleshooting process in 2 steps:

  1. Users can pinpoint a specific notification by various filters such as recipient, channel, notification type and time.
  2. Users see every event the notification went through, from initialization to user interactions or to see blockers in the event of non-delivery.

Using NotificationAPI Logs requires no technical knowledge or changes to your environment. The front-line customer support staff can start using it immediately.

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