Announcing: React SDK

NotificationAPI’s new React SDK release grants developers more tools for designing their ideal notification service and experience.

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July 2, 2024

We’re happy to announce the release of our new React SDK.

Before this release, developers working in React had to rely on our vanilla JavaScript SDK to implement In-App features.

With this update, developers now have access to a fully React-based library that allows them to create a notification system that looks and feels great.

We’ve updated our inbox to add onto our previous “seen” feature, allowing users to additionally mark any notifications as archived.

We have also implemented inbox filtering. You can now filter which notifications appear in your inbox based on custom mergetags, seen/archived state, and more.

We now support TTL. You can use the API to set a time-to-live, instructing notifications to disappear after a custom time.

Finally, we’ve created new UI components. With the new notification counter, you can set your notification badge to count the total unread messages. In addition to our previous inline feed, our new popup launcher rests in the corner of your web application, allowing quick access to notifications. 

You can check out our React SDK documentation here. For any questions, feedback, or more regarding our new React SDK and docs, feel free to reach out!

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