Welcoming Devin Marsh - Software Engineer - at NotificationAPI

NotificationAPI is thrilled to announce the addition of Devin Marsh, back-end software engineer, to its team to help improve our product-to-user notification service

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May 30, 2023

Welcoming Devin Marsh, our new Software Engineer, to the team! 🎉🚀

A great mindset and culture are the driving force behind lasting companies. That's why we're excited to have Devin onboard, as he embodies our values of Joy, Trust, and Quality. With Devin's addition to NotificationAPI, we are more committed than ever to pursuing our vision of creating an amazing Notifications-as-a-Service that automates all the work your product teams put into product-to-user notifications.

This expansion helps us to build a better product-to-user notification service, so you don't have to do!

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