Let's ship together.

A true product-oriented team, building Notifications-as-a-Service.


NotificationAPI started in May 2020 during the pandemic, so it has always been a remote-first company. Everyone in our team is based in Canada, but we consider applicants from anywhere.

St. John's

Our Philosophy

Prioritize Product over Growth

After gaining initial traction in 2020, we wondered what type of company we wanted to build. We rejected our VC offer and followed a more traditional approach to building and growing NotificationAPI.

Having had experience building and scaling two successful companies before NotificationAPI, we were too familiar with the unintentional chaos of growth pressures that push software teams to release subpar products. And that is ok for many product categories; we all get a bit of a giggle from a Slack or Twitter outage. 

But it's a different story for DevTools. Look at all the DevTools you are using right now, and you'll notice that the vast majority were built by engineers who just wanted to solve their own problems instead of building the next unicorn company.

And that's our story. At our core, we are software engineers passionate about building a great product that we wish we had; validated and guided by other software teams that use our product.

- The NotificationAPI Team, inspired by The Infinite Game and Basecamp.

Our Values


Deliver joy to employees & users


Build something you'd be proud of


Let employees & users do their best work


  • Remote first
  • One meeting per week
  • Async communications
  • Autonomy & decision making authority
  • Flexible hours
  • Performance based
  • Developer-Marketing (if you are into that)

All open positions

We stay small and agile by intention. No open positions yet. Follow us on LinkedIn to know first!