We want developers to solve important problems, not notifications.

Notifications are tedious, monotonous work with no reward. They are annoying to build, and when built poorly, annoying to users.

So we decided to do them well and abstract them for you.



"The opposite of happiness isn't sadness, it's boredom."

focus on


"Anything worth doing is worth doing right."



Deliver choice and opportunity to employees and users.

Our leadership and partners

Built for software engineers by software engineers. Even on the business side, our team has an extensive background in software and technology.

Sahand Seifi

Developer & Founder

Sahand has been a professional software developer since 16. He has co-founded multiple tech startups. Unfortunately, he is not a college dropout and missed out on tremendous "bragging" opportunities on that front.

Mohammad Asadi

Developer & Founder, PhD

After getting a PhD in engineering and publishing over 30 scientific papers, Mohammad decided to do something useful with his life and helped start NotificationAPI. His AI skills will one day automate all your notification needs with one click.

Mitchell Hynes

Software Engineer

Mitchell was quite literally snatched out of a university classroom by a startup at the age of 18. Fortunately for him, he did indeed not need that education and has had a tremendous impact on NotificationAPI.

Hamed Ismail

Business Consultant

Hamed is the least developer-type person on the team with an MBA degree, but he can still write some code. We did encourage him to become a developer, but he is too interested in marketing and business development.

Jan Mertlik

Marketing Advisor

Jan, pronounced like yawn, is an amazing entrepreneur and a 30 under 30 recipient. He built a company while he was in school which explains why his degree took so long. Or does it?

Genesis Centre

Award Winning Startup Incubator

NotificationAPI was born in this incubator and they have been instrumental to our success. Genesis is known for its flagship incubator program, Enterprise which began 25 years ago.


Volta Startup Incubator

NotificationAPI learned to scale here. Volta is known as Canada’s East Coast Innovation Hub.

National Research Council

Canadian Government

NRC's support has allowed NotificationAPI to run multiple R&D efforts which resulted in the expansion of our product and customer base.

Department of Industry, Energy and Technology

Government of Newfoundland & Labrador

IET's funding has allowed NotificationAPI to expand its team and its R&D efforts, resulting a in another successful Canadian technology company.

We are a fully remote team!

St. John's

Working at NotificationAPI

  • Remote first
  • One meeting per week
  • Async communications

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