Push Notifications
Without the Pain

Our mobile SDKs (iOS, Android, Cross Platform) will delight your software teams by automatically managing tokens across devices. Our dashboard empowers your non-technical team to design the notifications.

Developer-Friendly Libraries

for your mobile app developers

import notificationapi_ios_sdk

Task {                    

    try await NotificationAPI.shared.init(
        userId: "EXAMPLE_USER_ID"
    try await NotificationAPI.


Our mobile libraries cut down on development risk and time by offering:

Device token management

Permission requests

Notification callbacks (receives, clicks)

Smooth Design and Management Experience

delight your product management Team

Empower your product and design teams by allowing them to create, monitor and revise all your notifications with our centralized dashboard and notification editors.

With All the Native Features

font, sounds, ...

NotificationAPI supports all the native notification configurations (custom fonts, sounds, etc.) by passing any customization parameters you provide to the FCM/APN networks, so you can always take advantage of the latest platform features.

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