Effortlessly Good Email Notifications

Forget 3rd-parties (SendGrid, MailGun) and writing HTML/CSS templates.

Powerful Template Editor

That your non-technical team will enjoy

Drag and drop editor

Reusable rows (header, footer, ...)

Grid layout for complex designs

Responsive design features

accurate Mobile preview
hide/show on mobile
responsive grid options


Let us worry about it

Instead of passing you the burden of monitoring and improving your deliverability, our team takes on that role and suggests best practices when necessary, paired with a variety of email reputation tools: DKIM+SPF, MAIL-FROM setup, dedicated IPs.

Unsubscribe Links

in case you need them

Forcing users to emails has unintended consequences, from unhappy users to lawsuits. If you want to provide an unsubscribe link, we have that covered with a click.

No-Code and White-Labeled

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