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Propel is Atlantic Canada's premier online accelerator for tech startups looking to learn, grow, and succeed on a global level! Each entrepreneur’s journey is unique and having programming that focuses you on what’s important now will help you go further, faster. Propel coaches guide you in building your sales and marketing skills, reaching and engaging with customers, and ultimately, driving traction. Whether you are looking to validate your idea or you are ready to scale, Propel provides you with the skills required to build a baby unicorn.

What is NotificationAPI?

implement notifications without any of the code

Perks to Propel companies:

$2000 Credits

Free credits to get NotificationAPI's paid features for free. Equivalent to sending 500,000 notifications.

Technical Consultation

Learn about best practices and pitfalls of implementing notifications from people who have done multiple times.

One-on-One Training

We provide all the support your team needs with implementing and using NotificationAPI.

Common questions

What can I use the credit for?
The credit can be used to access our paid plans for free. Paid plans have more feature and support larger volumes of notifications.
What happens when I run out of credit?
We have a generous free tier account which you can use indefinitely. Alternatively, you can go on one of our paid plans starting at $199/month.

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